European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI)
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European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI)

As a consequence of the economic and financial crisis, the level of investment in the EU dropped significantly. In this regard, action at a European level was considered necessary with a view to:

  • increase confidence in the economic environment;
  • promote the effective use of scarce public resources;
  • increase trust in the economic potential of investment projects under development; and
  • build sufficient risk-bearing capacity to encourage project promoters, unlock investment and entice private investors.  

Within this context, the European Commission issued its Communication ‘An Investment Plan for Europe’ on 26 November 2014, where it proposed an EU level initiative to pair up projects with existing liquidity and channelling the money where it is needed.

As a result of the Investment Plan for Europe, the Regulation on the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) was adopted by the Council in 2015.  EFSI is an initiative launched jointly by the EIB Group (i.e. the European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund) and the European Commission.  The objective of the Fund is to help overcome the current investment gap in the EU by mobilising private financing for strategic investments.  EFSI does not provide grants, but provides assistance using various financial instruments, in particular EIB loans and guarantees.   The EIB has also set up a European Investment Advisory Hub with a view to provide advisory support for the identification, preparation and development of projects across the EU.  

EFSI supports investment in the following sectors, namely:​

  • ​transport;
  • energy and digital infrastructure;
  • education and training, health,
  • research and development,
  • information and communications technology and innovation;
  • expansion of renewable energy and resource efficiency; environmental,
  • urban and social projects; as well as
  • support for smaller businesses and midcap companies.  

On 12 December 2017, the Council extended the ​European Fund for Strategic Investment​ (EFSI) with a target of half a trillion euros for additional investment.

The amended Regulation:
  • extends EFSI's lifespan until 31 December 2020;
  • raises the investment target to €500 billion;
  • increases the EU budget guarantee to €​26 billion (of which €​16 billion will be available for guarantee calls until mid-2018);
  • increases the European Investment Bank's contribution to €​7.5 billion (from €​5 billion currently), pending approval by the EIB's board of directors.

National Contact Point

At the national level, the Strategy & Implementation Division has been appointed as the national contact point for EFSI. Requests for support or queries may be sent through the following channels:

Regular mail:
Strategy and Implementation Division
Ministry for European Affairs and Equality
32, House of Catalunya,
Marsamxett Road

Additional information
Further information about the Investment Plan for Europe can be found on this website.