Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2021-2027
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Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2021-2027

Investment under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund has the objective of further strengthening national capacities and improving procedures for migration management, as well as to enhance solidarity and responsibility sharing between Member States.

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) Programme for Malta has a total budget (EU+MT share) of around euro 52.3 million[1]. The programme will target the following four specific objectives:

Supporting the
Common European Ayslum System (CEAS) by providing material aid and security services, strengthening communication with migrants, supporting vulnerable groups and providing healthcare services amongst other interventions;
Focusing on providing integration services to third country nationals (TCN), promoting diversity and embracing ethnicity at the local level to support the integration of TCNs;
Addressing effective return cooperation management systems, strengthening the referral network to promote voluntary return and countering irregular migration; and
Furthering bilateral cooperation with other Member States through resettlement and humanitarian admission to enable voluntary admissions.

Technical Assistance, funded through the programme, will also ensure an effective implementation of the Programme through preparatory, management, monitoring, evaluation, information and control actions of the financed interventions.

Beneficiaries that may benefit from such funding include the migrant community, public entities, NGOs, international organisations and / or voluntary organisations.

The approved AMIF Programme for Malta 2021-2027 may be found here​​.


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