Axis 5: Technical Assistance
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Axis 5: Technical Assistance


This axis is devoted to support activities carried out by the Managing Authority and other delegated bodies in order to successfully implement the rural development programme. Support is provided under this Axis to finance activities related to the preparation, management, appraisal and selection, monitoring and evaluation, communication and publicity and control functions of the programme.​

The same council regulation that establishes the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) provides for the financing of “finance preparation, management, monitoring, evaluation, information and control activities of programme assistance” through the same EAFRD.

This means that technical assistance shall be used to fund activities needed to ensure that the managing authority and delegated bodies have the necessary capacity to deliver successfully the implementation of the Rural Development Programme.

The type of eligible operations that may be supported under technical assistance may include:

  Capacity building of staff;

  Expert assistance for monitoring and evaluation framework;

  Expert assistance and acquisition of special skills for the appraisal and selection of beneficiaries in respect of certain measures for which the managing authority does not have the necessary competence and expertise in-house, including environmental investment schemes, research development and innovation, tourism activities, and conservation actions;

  Organisation of consultation and information sessions and activities and other events aimed at the exchange of information and the dissemination and publicity of the programme;

  Analysis of current information needs and subsequent dissemination of information, including direct publicity actions;

  ​Establishment and operation of the national rural network including the implementation of the action plan as well as the structure needed to run the network.

The EAFRD contributes to 75% of the total eligible aid granted whilst the other 25% are National funds.

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