Key Documents and Downloads
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Key Documents and Downloads

Key guidelines for programme implementation (2014-2020)


ETC Manual of Eligible expenditure 20​14-2020​​​​​​​​​​​​

   Annex 1 – Vat status form​

   Annex 2 - RFQ Auditor controller​​​

   Annex 3a – MED First Level Controller designation checklist

   Annex 3b – Interreg Europe First Level controller designation checklist​

   Annex 3c - Interreg Italia-Malta First Level Controller designation checklist

   Annex 3d - ENI CBC MED First Level Controller designation checklist

   Annex 4a – MED First Level Controller - Letter of Engagement

   ​​Annex 4b – Interreg Europe First Level Controller- Letter of Engagement

   Annex 4c - Interreg Italia-Malta First Level Controller - Letter of Engagement
  Annex 4d- ENI CBC MED First Level Controller - Letter of Engagement ​

   Annex 5 – Partner declaration on the expenses presented in the claim for reimbursement

   Annex 6 – Partner declaration of staff costs

   Annex 7 – Letter of assignment – Mission letter​

   Annex 8 – List of staff working on the project

   Annex 9 – Declaration by employer to confirm payment of salary 

   Annex 10 - Declaration by employee to confirm receipt of salary

   Annex 11 – Travel report

   Annex 12 – Subsistence statement of expenditure

   Annex 13 – Declaration of exclusive use of equipment on project

   Annex 14 - Inventory template for Government entities

   Annex 15 – Inventory template for non-Government entities

   Annex 16 – Consuma​bles budget

   Annex 17 - Pre-Financing for EU Funded Procurement

MFIN ​Circular No.5​



Information to beneficiaries



European Cooperation Day 2018



Malta's participation in the 2014-2020 Territorial Cooperation Programmes and the ENI CBC MED Programme​ 



Other Documents