Interreg Europe Programme 2014-2020
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Interreg Europe Programme 2014-2020

The Interreg Europe Programme covers the whole territory of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. The aim of the Interreg Europe Programme is to help European regions in the drafting and implementation of regional policies and Programmes, in particular the EU Structural and Investment Funds Programmes for Growth and Jobs, and also, where relevant, the Programmes under the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) goal. The Programme aims to achieve this objective by means of exchanges of experience, knowledge and good practices amongst the relevant stakeholders in different European regions.
The programme will provide two main support services with the aim to aid understanding and critical thinking by creating space for new ideas, different perspectives and collective learning.


1. Interregional Cooperation Projects

Interreg Europe will co-finance up to 85% of project activities that you carry out in partnership with other policy organisations based in different countries in Europe.
Through interregional cooperation projects, you and your partners must identify a common interest and then work together for 3-5 years.
Initially, partners will share experience, ideas and know-how about how best to deal with the issue at hand. Each partner region must:

     Produce an action plan

     Set up a stakeholder group

     Participate in the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platforms

After this stage, each partner must monitor progress of the implementation of their action plan and report to the lead partner. Pilot actions may be supported during this period.
Depending on the number of partners involved, duration of interregional learning etc., the average total ERDF budget of a project is expected to be EUR 1-2 million. Interreg Europe will launch calls for proposals throughout the programming period so keep an eye out for the next call!
Beneficiaries eligible to receive funding are:
     Public authorities;
     Bodies governed by public law;
     Private non-profit bodies.
Partner Organisations
The programme encourages partners from the different Partner States to work together on a shared regional policy issue in line with the respective operational objectives. 
Duration of the Project
A project’s duration is from 3 to 5 years.
EU Grant
The co-financing rate is of
85% to public partners and public law bodies;
75%  private non-profit bodies
Project eligible costs
     Travel and Accommodation               
     External Expertise


2. Policy Learning Platforms
Policy Learning Platforms is the second action of the Interreg Europe programme, established to open up the programme’s knowledge for the benefit of all the project partners and the whole community of regional policy stakeholders. There is one policy learning platform per policy area covered by Interreg Europe:
     Research and innovation
     SME competitiveness
     Low-carbon economy
     Environment and resource efficiency
The platforms are a hub of interaction, information and services for continuous learning bringing together communities of like-minded policy makers, practitioners and experts dealing with regional development policies in Europe. The aim of the learning and collaboration is to improve structural funds and other regional development policies in these four areas. Within each thematic platform, you can find people, projects, events and information related to your topic of interest.
Services offered by the platform
The platform offers  the following set of services:
1. Access support and expertise
The platform’s aim is to help policymakers find solutions and improve their public policies by exchanging with experts and peers. Peer learning is a core component of this service. But community members can also contact the platform experts directly for advice on the best course of action for their specific needs. Support will also come in the form of online discussion hours and webinars. As the experts get to know the community members and their needs in more detail, the services will be adapted and tailored accordingly.
2. Share knowledge
The platform experts monitor .policy trends and provide analyses on the four topics covered by the programme. The platform experts regularly publish news articles and policy briefs as well as the results of their work with community members (peer reviews, benchmarking exercises, discussion hours, etc.).
3. Be part of a community
The beneficiaries of the platform, its community members, are also the drivers that will generate real added value by creating a peer learning experience. We count on each community member to benefit from the platform services and contribute to the activities. Our experts are here to help!
+ Good practice database
Our special +1 service is the good practice database. Interregional cooperation has proven to be an efficient tool for identifying good practices. But how useful are the practices if only the project partners know about them ? The platform is here to make this knowledge accessible to everyone.
Good practices can be found all across Europe. What qualifies as a good practice for one region may be quite common in another one. The platform database will feature good practices that are well evidenced and validated by our experts. What is Interreg Europe? What happens in an interregional cooperation project? Who benefits from interregional cooperation and how?
Database available here

What is Interreg Europe? What happens in an interregional cooperation project? Who benefits from interregional cooperation and how?





 An Overview of Interreg Europe in 6 minutes


1st Call for Project Proposals Information Session 29th April 2015 Presentations
     Interreg Europe 2014-2020 Cooperation Programme

3rd Call for Project Proposals Information Session 22nd February 2017 Presentations
4th Call Application Pack
The Application pack for the fourth call for project proposals includes the following:
online application system (
A  demonstration version of the application form can be found here
Relevant authorities in Malta to provide the letter of support
 4th Call for Project Proposals Information Seminar – 4th May 2018 Presentations

 Developing an Interreg Europe project


Please find some instructional videos and presentations that might help you in preparing your project application.


     Building relevant parrtnership

     Designing project methodology

     Designing the communication strategy

     Budget and finances​



 Project Development Videos

Reporting for Interreg Europe projects

 Introduction to the reporting procedures



 Reporting, Part 1 - Principles


 Reporting, Part 2 - Implementation


 Reporting, Part 3 - Activities


 Reporting, Part 4 - Results

     Request for Quotations for the First Level Control function for Territorial Cooperation Programmes 2014-2020
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Annual Implementation Report
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