Interreg III 2004-2006
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Interreg III 2004-2006

The INTERREG III Community Initiative


 Interreg III is a Community Initiative funded by the European Regional Development Fund (2004-2006).
 It aims to promote economic and social cohesion by strengthening co-operation between regions. Interreg Logo
 Interreg III therefore encourages balanced development across the EU and neighbouring countries.
Malta has been participating fully in Interreg III​ since EU accession in 2004.
 The total allocation for Interreg III projects [Maltese partners] over the period 2004-2006 is approximately €5 million. Each project can obtain up to 75% EU co-financing.
 The Interreg III Programmes
Malta is participating in the following four Interreg III Programmes 2004-2006:
     Interreg IIIA Italia-Malta Programme. This is a Cross Border Cooperation Programme which encourages cooperation between Malta and South-East Sicily. This programme is managed by Sicily. 
     Interreg IIIB Archimed Programme. This Transnational Cooperation Programme, which is managed by Thessaoliniki, Greece and which provides for cooperation between Malta, Greece, Italy and Cyprus.
    Interreg IIIB Medocc Programme. This is a transnational Cooperation Programme which provides for cooperation between Malta, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the UK [Gibraltar]. The Managing Authority is located in Rome.
    Interreg IIIC South Zone Programme. This is an Interregional Cooperation Programme which provides for cooperation between Member States and their regions in the south of Europe. This programme is managed by Valencia, Spain. Maltese partners are also taking part in other IIIC Programmes, especially IIIC West and IIIC North.
Interreg III Community Initiatives
Malta is also participating in the following two Community Initiative Programmes under Interreg III 2004-2006:
     The European Spatial Planning Observation Network (ESPON): The European Spatial Planning Observation Network (ESPON) is set up to support policy development and to build a European scientific community in the field of territorial development. The main aim is to increase the general body of knowledge about territorial structures, trends and policy impacts in an enlarged European Union.
     The INTERACT Programme: This programme seeks to increase the effectiveness of INTERREG III by setting up information and communication networks, defining information frameworks and flows,  proactively disseminating information and stimulating exchange of experience. INTERACT has a wide geographic scope covering the 27 Member States, Norway, Switzerland and neighbouring countries.
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